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A group of parishioners who spanned several generations gathered last Saturday in the Havens Center to pray for the work we are about to embark upon through the auspices of our Mission Real Estate grant from Trinity Wall Street. The Scripture we meditated upon was the sending of the 70 in Luke’s gospel. The disciples are to go in pairs to conduct reconnaissance to prepare for Jesus, to take nothing with them, to keep focus on their destination, to offer peace and to stay where they are welcomed. They return excited by their power to cast out demons, to heal, and to stomp on scorpions. Jesus reminds them that the important thing is that they are part of the kingdom of heaven.

As the group discussed, walked in silence, and shared spiritual wisdom, the group was asked to come up with a charge which will inform the Mission Real Estate team as it begins its ministry. The charge is to go; partner; build for the light. Under the leadership of Dwight Wolf, a team has been commissioned to create a prayer for our community which will undergird our discernment and to create a request for proposal for a real estate professional who will work with us through this pre-construction phase. Our grant will culminate in the search for a developer who will work with us to build our vision.

This is not a re-hatching of work we have already done. We are not starting from scratch. The Vestry and Board of Trustees have decided to move forward constructing a new facility and exploring the possibility of building out the second phase of our masterplan–leveraging the value of our land for additional ministry.

You will be part of this charge as the Mission Real Estate will lead a process of focussing our vision and listening to potential ministry partners. The call is to prepare for the church for the next 100 years. We know our call now is to: Go. Partner. Build for Light!

The Reverend Lisa Hunt, Rector