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Faith from the Margins Season One




Episode 6

For our final episode of Season One, we had a conversation with James Ozga, a long time member of our church, St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Houston, TX. We talked about the role of faith communities during the AIDS/HIV epidemic, his experiences as a gay man, marriage, and the importance of feeling relevant as people get older.

James moved to Houston from Chicago in 1979. He met his husband in 1980 started going to St. Stephen’s that same year. He has been involded in different ministries: Lay Pastors, ushering, rosary group, hospitality, Diocesan council, Gay Pride, and many other activities.


Episode 5

Check out our conversation with Lenny Duncan, former ELCA pastor and author of Dear Church, a Love Letter from a Black Preacher to the Whitest Denomination in the US and United States of Grace. In this episode, Lenny shares his interaction with Presiding Bishop Michael Curry about Black Lives Matter, his experiences doing anti-racism and reparations works, and his decision to leave his calling as a pastor, along with many other interesting topics.

In his remarks about Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, Lenny mentions that the Bishop has never publicly said “Black Lives Matters (BLM).” We found a video from 2015 where he talks about BLM, watch it here.

Episode 4 (Part 1 & 2)

Listen to our conversation with Dr. Sandra Montes, who is the Dean of Chapel at Union Theological Seminary in New York City. Dr. Montes is also the author of Becoming REAL And Thriving In Ministry, published by Church Publishing.

Sandra was born in Perú, grew up in Guatemala and settled in Texas as soon as she could. Her passions are God, family (especially her son), music, education, liturgy, social and racial justice and writing. Follow Sandra on Instagram @sandratmontes.

Episode 3

Join us for our conversation with Lou Weaver (@louweaver on Twitter) about the issues that Transgender people face in the United States, the fight for Transgender rights and how we can help Trans Youth. Lou is a queer transgender man and a leader in Houston’s LGBTQ+ community. Lou is a sought-after speaker on transgender topics across the state of Texas, with trans healthcare as a key component of his advocacy portfolio.

Episode 2

Dr. Robyn Henderson-Espinoza is a non-binary Transqueer Latinx and adult on the Autism spectrum who calls Nashville, TN home. They are the author of Activist Theology, 2019, published by Fortress Press and the forthcoming book “Body Becoming,” to be published by Broadleaf Press.

They are also a visionary thinker who has spent two decades working in the borderlands of church, academy, & movements seeking to not only disrupt but dismantle supremacy culture and help steward the logic of liberation as a Transqueer Latinx. Check out Dr. Robyn’s website and follow them on Instagram @irobyn.

Episode 1

Ryan is a Black, queer, woman and recently ordained deacon in the diocese of Texas. She received her M.Div in 2013 and completed a Diploma in Anglican Studies in 2021. Ryan loves exploring ministry on the edge and at the intersections of race, class, and gender/sexuality. In her free time Ryan enjoys exploring Houston, sitting with friends on patios, and any activity involving water. She also revels in the great joy of raising a young child. Follow Rev. Ryan @moon.womyn.