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Who We Are




Who We Are

Thank you for your curiosity in checking us out. Clearly there is movement going on for you, and perhaps you are new to Houston and are looking for a way to meet people in the flesh & not just virtually. Or maybe movement is going on in you. You may have experienced a loss of a job, a death, a love; you may be coming out in your sexuality, recovering from religious abuse, or re-engaging your spirituality and remain skeptical. You may be responding to a hunger in your heart or a pang of imagination. St. Stephen’s is filled with folks just like you.

Who We Are: We are a progressive Christian community which welcomes the challenge of faith. We don’t offer easy answers and we don’t agree with each other on many things. But we do share a common challenge to care, to grow, in the way of Jesus. Gathering in Jesus’ name is difficult for some of us because of the way it has been misused in our culture and by us. However, the challenge of Jesus to love God first and our neighbors draws us together to worship and serve. Through our church, day school, and community center we strive to invite diverse people into greater wholeness; we are a community of wonder and of action.

Throughout this site you will find many ways to connect with us in prayer, song, justice work, and learning at our church, our school or our community center. Know that we will not push you to go faster than you feel led; we respect your decision making and your mind. We invite you to consider the mystery we have come to know, in losing ourselves, we find ourselves.

We look forward to meeting you in person.