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COVID Safety Policies


St. Stephen’s has a culture of care. We are focused on keeping everyone safe in church.


St. Stephen’s COVID Protocols


St. Stephen’s has a culture of care. We are focused on keeping everyone safe in church, especially our unvaccinated children.

• Masking outdoors on campus is optional.

• Masks are optional at worship services, but preferred at the 10:30 am service, when
there will be singing.

• The common chalice is used at both Eucharists with options to drink, intinct, or abstain.

• Please be mindful of social distancing throughout the nave and especially when
coming forward for communion.

As a reminder, our Regathering Task Force has been guided by our shared principles since the beginning. We reaffirmed this principles of our culture of care in our meeting on Sunday.

– Each person in our community, from the babies to elders, is created in the divine image and the health and well being of every one is important;

– Our questions of practice draw on science, whose methods test and change according to new discoveries;

– We are called to serve our parishioners, school families, staff, and broader community with policies and practices that make for the wholeness of all;

– We foster relationships by setting a culture which honors the needs of others;

– We believe that the Holy One sustains us with hope in times of fear and change;

– We anticipate a future where we will all come together alive and well.

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