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This year my Lenten discipline took a different turn. I decided that I would feel my feelings and come to name them. This is no small task because I, like many of us, often live noticing only a small band of emotion.  Fear, anger, sadness, happiness come readily. But what about annoyed or grieving?

Jesus as he prepares to go into Jerusalem, spend his last Passover, to be arrested, tried and killed demonstrates a plethora of feelings. His humanity is on full display.  All the while he is illustrating to his friends, including us, what it means to lose oneself to find oneself, or in the words of this week’s epistle lesson, what it means to empty oneself to be exalted.

As we prepare to walk again the way of the cross this Holy Week, I invite you to do an emotion scan. Who is the self you are losing to find?

-The Reverend Lisa Hunt, Rector