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As Houston is encompassed by cold, I stand snug in my kitchen baking stollen, a German Christmas bread. The wind howls and my nostrils are filled with the warm smell of yeast.

My mind goes to my neighbors under the overpasses in my ward. I picture the people huddled in dark apartments in Ukraine. I conjure the smell of desperation at our southern border. I am experiencing this cold for two nights. How must it feel to live in it day after day?

Our School marked the end of the semester with a celebration of Las Posadas (the Inns). It is a custom of Mexican origin which spread throughout Central America and the Carribean. Pilgrims spend nine days going from house to house with Mary and Joseph, only to be turned away. Finally they come to the stable and are received with joy. It was a wonderful celebration and a poignant one.

We are daily confronted with the choice of opening or closing the doors. We choose to give the cold shoulder or welcome. How will we receive Jesus?

Reverend Lisa Hunt, Rector