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St. Stephen’s Episcopal School—Houston is a learning community in which every student is supported to excel. 


St. Stephen’s Episcopal School—Houston (SSESH or St. Stephen’s) is a learning community in which every student is supported to excel. This commitment to excellence is tangible in our Montessori classrooms and in the vibrant array of opportunities that SSESH provides through its enriched curriculum and specialist programs.

Our young learners thrive when their needs are met as individuals. We are committed, at every level in the school, to enable our students to develop their gifts, work with resilience and hope through their challenges, and to always be happy, inspired children. 

SSESH offers a truly holistic curriculum for all learners. The Montessori principles and methods which sit at the very heart of the school’s educational philosophy align seamlessly to the advantages a child will enjoy when exposed to an interconnected and balanced curriculum. Subject specialisms in the arts, the sciences, wellness and athletics, engineering, languages, mathematics, and literature are celebrated in our school and with our students. As our students make progress, we deliver authentic project-based learning experiences in which academic excellence, collaboration, and community impact are at the forefront. Our students graduate from SSESH with confidence, capability, and compassion.  

The community of SSESH is inclusive, supportive, and celebratory. We are deeply committed to the relationships that have been built and look to continue this at every level, including through beloved, new, and reimagined school traditions. We go forward as a connected community which is excited about and invested in its future—and in supporting the future of our own community, we seek to reach out and raise up others.  


Penny Barker, Head of School

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